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If you want to learn about Cyber Security or want to enter the field of Cyber Security, this course is a must thing that you should know about. It is a very important thing that you know about attacks going all over the internet. When you know how someone attacks then you can protect the one in need. This course on Web Security will help you learn through all sorts of attacks going all over the internet. We have updated the library of attacks on the Internet. You will also learn how to set up and employ defense against these attacks. You will also learn the counterattack of all these attacks. At the end of course you will be well informed about ongoing attacks and how to protect from it

What you'll learn

    • Fundamentals of web & browser securities

    • Updated library with latest attacks on the Internet

    • List of tools used to solve web vulnerabilities

    • The countermeasures for all these attacks

    • Launch a defensive technology and architectures

    • Insights on how attacks are performed

    • Insight on common attacks and threats

    • Beginner to Expert level knowledge

    • Clear your fundamentals regarding web securities

    • You will be able to easily defend against common attacks and threats


    No Technical requirement.

    Interest in Cyber Security.

    Anyone can enroll in these who have an eagerness to learn.

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