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In this In the course of Kali-Linux, you will learn from the most basic to advanced level. The course itself will start by keeping in mind that you don’t have any prior knowledge to Kali or Linux operating system. It will teach you from the primitive Linux codes to advanced Kali Linux codes and software. You will learn from how to install Kali to performing advanced Kali tasks easily. You will learn how to your PC or Laptop in Hacking Machine. You can become a Hacker easily if you are fluent with Kali Linux codes and software. This course will help you achieve that fluency in Kali Linux. You will also learn how hackers hack the network and you will also learn how to do it.

What you'll learn

    • Install Virtual Box for Kali Linux

    • Learn Penetration testing

    • How to turn your PC into Hacking Machine.

    • Create tools for Kali Linux

    • How Hackers use Kali Linux

    • Tools used by hackers

    • Learn how to hack wi-fi using Kali Linux

    • Professional use of Kali Linux

    • Perform tasks from basic to advanced using Kali Linux

    • Is Learn how hackers use primitive linux codes to hack.


    1.Aware of Networking and Networking terminologies

    2.Basic The idea about Ethical Hacking terminologies

    3.A keen interest in learning and implementing the learned stuff.

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